IRC’s History

Inwood is a place of vast green parks, tranquil bodies of water, and a storied history, but for many years it had a less than an eclectic roster of local businesses.

After living in Inwood for over 15 years, it had become more than apparent that Northern Manhattan was in need of a comfortable neighborhood café. This would be a place not only known for good, food and drink, but also a showcase for local artists and musicians.

So in 2008, after 18 years in the production end of the film business (the last 10 on The Sopranos) Jason Minter teamed up with his longtime friend, Jason Berger (of allshows.com) in hopes of finding an appropriate space to open an eclectic neighborhood café.

After discovering that a poorly maintained deli had vacated a beautiful location on the very last corner of Manhattan (218th Street and Indian Road) Jason and Jason began what was to be a long and arduous journey to realizing what would become Indian Road Café.

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Indian Road is a restaurant in constant motion. All of our menus—food, liquor, etc, change seasonally at the very least, but often more frequently.

We do our best to source locally using a large group of Hudson Valley farms and producers. We also have relationships with purveyors on the Arthur Avenue (some call it the real Little Italy) in the Bronx, and source a great deal of fresh pasta, cheese, and meats a short ride away on the 12 bus. If you haven’t been, it’s worth a trip.

At Indian Road, we also showcase local live music, frequently hosting an eclectic mix, from light piano to bluegrass to jazz, and everything in between. If you’re interested in playing at Indian Road, you can submit samples of work to jason@indianroadcafe.com.

Our walls display revolving artwork from locals, which rotate every 4 to 8 weeks. If you’re interested in displaying your work at Indian Road, you can contact curator Jeff Hoppa at jeffhoppa@gmail.com

Our Staff

No doubt, IRC’s staff is amazing. Click here to read more about them.

About Inwood

Want to know more about Inwood’s rich history? Then check out Cole Thompson’s excellent website My Inwood.

Press & Media

The word is out! Over the years, IRC has received praise from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, among others. Click here to read some of our press.